56 Willoughby Street #3, Downtown Brooklyn (map)

A rehearsal/performance space ideal for jazz, classical, and all acoustic music,
conveniently located in downtown Brooklyn and easily accessible by 9 different train lines,
The Drawing Room features a mint-condition Steinway model C (7'4"), an excellent jazz drum kit
complete with all hardware and even a great set of cymbals, guitar and bass amps, and a PA speaker
and microphone. The room is welcoming and intimate with a spacious feel, great light
(5 windows) and good acoustics, and it comfortably seats 30 people.

The Drawing Room is managed by musicians who wish to keep rental rates affordable to fellow performers.
The room can also be rented for an evening or by the hour for meetings, group lessons, readings, and workshops.

For schedule and booking information contact us at info@drawingroommusic.com

Upcoming Events
Tootie Heath

Tootie Heath Masterclass
Tuesday, September 2nd from 2 to 5 PM

$20 for drummers that want to participate. $10 for those (including non-drummers)
that want to watch and listen. The money goes straight to Tootie.

Ben Street and Ethan Iverson will be on hand to play with Tootie a bit and
perhaps play with others, depending on what Tootie wants to do.

It will certainly be a memorable afternoon.

Recent Concerts:

Sunday, August 10Gene Bertoncini solo guitar
Sunday, June 8Peter Bernstein with Michael Kanan
Sunday, May 11Andy Bey with Paul Meyers
Sunday, May 4 • Pianist Kazzrie Jaxen duo with saxophonist Gary Levy
Sunday, March 30 Lena Bloch Quartet

Wine available for purchase, and feel free to BYO.
We do not take reservations. Please arrive by 6:45 to get a seat.